Monday, 4 November 2019

A Wool Coat, 90's Boots and a Luxury Bag

 Happy November! I'm really loving this month so far (all four days of it). However, I've already broken by No-Buy-November rule... I knew it would be difficult to maintain because charity shopping is such an opportunistic sport - most pieces tend to be one-offs, especially if they're old, so you have to buy it or loose it! And I do feel that my finds were justified and have long lives ahead of them. 
 I'm so happy with how these pictures turned out - though the fringe is on thin ice *patiently waits for it to grow out*! 
 Now that the evenings are getting darker and the weather more unpredictable, it can be hard to find the opportunity to go out and shoot, especially when me and Rudi are juggling different work schedules. But somehow we both managed to be free on the crispest, most golden day yet which was lovely.


I've been without a smart wool coat since I outgrew my last one several years ago, and this one that I found in Sue Ryder ticks all the boxes - It's black so will go with everything, a nice midi-length, and it's 80% wool so suitable for someone who's always cold! I think this is such a good staple that I can throw over almost anything and look a bit more dressed up and put together. I know I'll have this coat for many, many seasons to come, and at just £10 it was well worth buying.

Though I wasn't in need of another pair of black ankle boots, this pair fit like a glove in the softest leather. They're fleece-lined for warmth and feature a very 90's square toe and heel. They're worn in (which I like) and a little scuffed so they cost me just £2 - I KNOW. They may be a nod to the past, but I think they're pretty timeless as they're so simple and classic. Another wear with anything staple - and they cost me less than a coffee.

Last, but definitely not least is this See by Chloe bag. I found this beauty on Depop completely unused - and for half the price that it retails for on Net-a-Porter. Even bought second hand, it was a bit of an indulgent purchase for me as it was still expensive! I initially planned on keeping it wrapped up until Christmas day, but I couldn't resist using it immediately - the lower the cost-per-wear the better! I was a bit skeptical about the size of it as it is technically a mini-bag, but I can actually fit all I need into it (and not break my shoulder in the process). My only problem is that it wont fit my reusable water bottle in it... Not to self - hydrate intensely before and after leaving the house!
 This purchase goes to show that even people who enjoy designer items, and prefer their purchases brand new and unused can find what they're looking for second hand. This kind of purchase is rare for me, but when you know you'll love and use something forever, I feel it's often worth paying more for something that feels special to you.    

Coat - Charity Shop (Zara)
Jumper - Ebay (H&M)
Bag - Depop (See by Chloe)
Jeans - Primark (old)
Boots - Charity Shop (brand unknown)

Photos by Rudi

Thursday, 31 October 2019

A Walk in the Woods and a Hand Me Down Jacket

On me and Rudi's day off, we headed up into the woods with my Grandparents dogs to enjoy one of the last days of October. It was also a perfect excuse to bring out this wool plaid coat/shirt/jacket...shacket? That was handed down to me from my sister (thanks Rosie!). It's great to be able to wear and enjoy something that someone else has stopped finding a use for. Me and my sister may have very different styles, but there's always times when we swap and hand things down to each other which is nice!

It's a more oversized, masculine style than I would usually choose myself, but I really like how loose and cozy it is and how it dresses down any outfit. It also fits nicely in with the rest of my wardrobe as it's plaid, which is very autumnal, yet the colour palette is neutral - so it pretty much goes with everything.

I absolutely love this time of year - It's crisp enough to bring out the jackets and coats, but there's not yet a need to wrap up in hats and gloves like you're on an arctic expedition. Recently, I've been wanting to spend more time out in the countryside, patiently waiting for all of the leaves to change colour! With the nights getting darker so much earlier now, It's hard to not feel a bit sluggish and tired and I find that getting out for a walk helps.

I can't wait to get out and take more photos, and appreciate the changing of the seasons at the same time. Once November comes around, I'm in full Christmas mode! This year I want to be much more conscious of my consumerism, and as part of that I'm going to attempt No-Buy-November. This means I'm going to avoid buying any clothes for myself for a month and if I find something I really have to have, I'll put it on my Christmas list (if I cave in and buy it for myself, I have to wrap it up!) This challenge may not be doable for me, but we shall see...!
As much as I've always loved shopping second hand for myself, I've never delved into the world of second hand present-buying, but this year I'm going to give it a try and see what I can find for my friends and family.

Jacket - Hand me down (Charity shop/unknown brand)
Jeans - Depop (Zara)
Boots - Depop (Urban Outfitters)

Photos by Rudi

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Charity Shop Jeans

I stay in my lane when it comes to jeans. Since the return of the high-rise waistline, I've loyally stuck to it. From the comfort of the Topshop Joni jeans (who remembers wearing these everyday?) to the re-done straight leg Levis that are everywhere now. because I have such exacting requirements, I usually go straight to Ebay or Depop when I want new denim, as you can find the exact style and size you're after... I've even caved in and bought a couple of pairs from Primark recently, despite the guilt, because jeans are JUST. SO. HARD. TO. FIND.  

Jumper - charity shop (H&M)
Jeans - charity shop (Zara)
Shoes - Vans
Necklace - vintage
Hair slides - Accessorize

When it comes to scouting for jeans in charity shops, patience and perseverance are needed in bucket loads. Finding something you like the style of is one thing (the rails are usually bulging with hipster flares with diamantes and elasticated waist granny slacks in varying shades of beige) but finding a pair that fit? Like finding a needle in a haystack. Because of this I rarely give the trousers section much attention, but I've learned my lesson after finding a pair that I actually wanted to come home with, despite the fact they didn't tick all my boxes... 

I was initially skeptical about this pair of dark wash straight leg jeans because they aren't high waisted. I would be stepping out of my comfort zone, but when I tried them on I really liked how they fitted. I'd say that they were "Dad jeans" because of the relaxed shape, I love that they don't taper in at the ankle in any way, and I think what stops them looking like they literally belong to my dad is that they end just above the ankle, which I think makes them more feminine.
I paired them with this pale grey jumper, which I actually bought at the same time as the jeans. I love how thick the knit is *cold girl essential*, the boxy and slightly cropped shape, and the uncool cricket jumper-esque v-neck. With the vans and hair slides, I feel a bit like i'm off to nursery, but I'm kind of into it! 

I guess the moral of the story is - don't be disheartened when you don't find anything, second hand shopping takes patience, perseverance and an open mind. 
Which leads me on to the second thing I've learned - It's great to know what you like, but try not to pigeon-hole your style. If you shop with an open mind and just try different things, you might end up finding something new to love! 

Photos by Rudi

Sunday, 6 October 2019

You Deserve Good Things!

 Back at the beginning of September, I was getting lunch in M&S when I spotted a pair of boots out of the corner of my eye and stopped in my tracks. This is a very rare occurrence, but I knew these Bellatrix Lestrange/Victorian ice-skate-esque boots had to be mine. 

A few days (of thinking about the boots) later I went back for them, dragging my brother, sister and boyfriend with me for approval. I tried them on (really comfy) and agonised in front of the mirror before putting them back on the shelf, then went back for them and put them back again, before finally, just as we were about to leave for home I ran back into M&S to buy them. Even in the queue I was riddled with guilt and Rudi had to convince me that I wasn't a bad person for buying myself something new, and let's be honest, not a necessity.

 I'm glad to report that i'm over the buyers guilt now as I strut around in my Bellatrix boots, but it got me thinking about why we think we shouldn't do things that bring us joy and why we feel we don't deserve things. I'm not only talking about material purchases here, but other things in life that we somehow don't feel like we're worthy of.
 A huuuge example of this is my blogging/not blogging journey. I've actually had this account for TEN procrastination filled years, each time I started something i'd feel like it was rubbish and not worth anyone's time, I'd ask myself why would anyone want to follow me? or want to look at photos of me? I didn't think I was good enough, and as a result have missed out on a decade of doing what I really wanted to do. 

 I think most people suffer with a bit of self doubt and low self-worth sometimes, but you don't have to be a brain surgeon, high flying businesswoman, or anything else in that realm to believe that you are intelligent, kind and deserving of your aspirations. Start the project! Apply for the dream job! Eat the cake! Buy the boots! 

Boots - Marks & Spencer
Jeans - Primark
Jumper - Depop (H&M)
Headband - Primark

Photos by Rudi

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

The Boots that were Banished to the Dustbin

Now that the weather can be described as almost chilly, it was finally time to take these dream boots on their first outing. I was putting it off because a) They have leather soles which I didn't want to subject to the recent torrential rain and b) They are LOUD and I thought I would feel too self conscious stomping through town. But I loved wearing them, they happen to fit like they were made for me and and keep my legs toasty, while making me feel simultaneously like Edward Scissor Hands, one of the Three Musketeers, and a Posh Older Lady. 

To explain the Dustbin part, my Mum fished these out of a bin at the Charity shop she volunteers at as part of her job (don't worry, she had permission to take them). It' sad and disappointing that these were unnecessarily destined for landfill despite being in perfectly good condition, but they're now being loved once more and will surely be worn for years to come.

I'm looking forward to doing more outfit posts, but I also want to talk about other things besides fashion. If anyone has any suggestions i'd love to hear!

Jumper - Ebay (H&M)
Jeans - Depop (Zara)
Boots - Chatiry shop/Bin (haha) (Pura Lopez)

Photos by Rudi

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

(almost) Sweater Weather

It has been a hot minute! I've had a bit of an unintentional break from blogging as it's still all very new to me and i'm trying to figure out how I want to do things. For the time being, me and Rudi have shelved the DSLR (we did a couple of very unsuccessful shoots which made me feel a bit negative!) I'm trying to tell myself it doesn't matter if I can't do certain things just yet - it takes time to learn new skills. So I decided to just use my phone to document my jumpers first outing and I think they turned out okay!   
 By the time the first of September rolls around, i'm always SO ready for a bit of sweater weather and all of the autumny goodness that comes with it. At the moment, it's the kind of in between weather where you need a jumper but you'll be whipping it off every time the sun comes out! I got this brand new Topshop chunky knit off Ebay for four pounds (I know). I can't wait to wear it more this Autumn when the cold weather sets in, the leaves turn orange, and everything is pumpkin spice flavour.

Jumper - Ebay (Topshop)
Top - Depop (Nobody's Child)
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Sue Ryder (Vans)

Photos by Rudi

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

The Sustainable Way to Dress for an Occasion

 I haven't been to a formal occasion since I went to a wedding a couple of years ago, and there aren't currently any on the horizon, but I thought it would be fun to dress up anyway! And while feeling incredibly extra, hopefully prove that you don't necessarily have to go and buy something brand new (and expensive) next time an invite or event pops up.
 The Charity Barnardo's came out with the statistic that people in the UK buy nearly ten million single use wedding guest outfits every year, with each outfit averaging at £79.76. Buying new (and never wearing again) is not only more expensive, but it's wasteful and the environmental and social effects are hugely damaging.
 I know it's not always an option (and you do you of course) but buying vintage or second hand, borrowing from a friend, or wearing something you already own is a great way to reduce waste and not turn up to the wedding, graduation, 80th Birthday party in the same outfit as someone else!

Dress - Next (Sue Ryder Charity shop)
Bag - Unbranded (Sue Ryder Charity shop)
Shoes - Paco Herrero (Mercy in Action Charity shop)
Necklace - Ebay
Ring - independent shop in St.Ives (called Kudos - worth a visit!)

Dress - Vintage
Shoes - as before
Jewelry - as before 

Dress - Kate Moss for Topshop (Depop)
Shoes - Hobbs (Sure Ryder Charity shop)
Bag - as before
Jewelry - as before

Photography by Rudi and Mum

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